Turnton Docklands growing

It’s app. 1.5 years we have been concentrating on the story-world development and the physical fabrication of Turnton Docklands. Obviously with breaks in-between as well as other project-involvements – whereby these again have been loosely connected to the work, such as “Presents of the Future“.

We truly would love to be more forthcoming with any sort of coverage / information /documentation of this current work! We would love to share all or at least some of the daily progressions, blissful achievements, tiny and less tiny failures .. but well, it’s just that we simply can’t find enough time to cover what we do on a daily base.. Continue reading

Imagining more parts of an incomplete picture.

We are deeply engaged with the implementation of Turnton Docklands – a next “physical narrative” of Time’s Up, circulating around a possible future, which will be shown in autumn in LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz as featured artist during the ARS Electronica festival. One which plays with a range of alternative solutions that had spent the last decades being ridiculed, as being politically, economically or technically utopic, unimplementable or naïve – solutions which have gained the upper hand in Turnton Docklands. Continue reading

Turnton Docklands Mentioned?

We are not sure if we have already announced that we will be showing our current work Turnton Docklands at the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz. Great news that we know since quite a while, great news keeping us busy for a similarly long while!

20 years after we have been showing our first piece at ARS-Electronica in 1997 we will be back in the context of the festival as “featured artist” and turn the basement of the Lentos into a experiential glimpse into a possible future.

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Inside / Insight Siachilaba

What an enjoyable opening of the exhibition Inside / Insight Siachilaba – as a first part of the multiday event Tonga Encounters & Reflections 1997-2017.


A range of strong and uplifting photographs, taken by a great group of women from Siachilaba in 2014 (we had the chance to talk with during the workshop) are displayed in the Frauenforum Salzkammergut in Ebensee until the end of June. Summaries of the comnversations we had can be found in the Tales of Resilience interface set up as part of the exhibition.  Some more impressions about our visit in Zimbabwe can be found in the corresponding blog.

The opening was rounded out by Isabelle Duthoit and Franz Hautzinger who musically reflected the impressions of their latest visit in Siachilaba.

Presents of the Future – concluding

Over a period of more than six months we spent quite some time in Malta and Gozo, enjoying interesting and inspiring times with the Maltese population. We were there in order to focus on speculative thinking about possible, plausible, probable and preferred futures – circulating on imaginations about Europe and the European Union with a special concentration on Malta.

Invited by the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the support of Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the project “Presents of the Future”  aimed to make it obvious, that all of us have a voice and have agency in shaping the world ahead. All of us are experts in forging these futures. Continue reading

Tasting Tomorrow – Day 2

Meeting in the fort at the end of Valletta, the group of eleven partcipants wended their way through thoughts of disasters and saving graces. FoAM led the group from a broad sweep through the influences, drivers, trends and influences that we saw as being relevant for a thriving food culture and then we leapt into Dator’s Four Futures: Continue, Collapse, Discipline and Transform.

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Mind The Map – documentary by Elisa Unger at Crossing Europe Film Festival

Elisa Ungers video-documentary about Mind the Map, a physical narrative focussing on Europe’s asylum- and migration policies, we have been working on several years, will be shown at the Crossing Europe filmfestival on 27th of April.

Said documentary is the “final piece” after several teasers Elisa produced on-site in Nantes, at le lieu uniique where the installation has been premiered in September 2015.

And most important – it was also the first cooperation in a series of several and hopefully even more to come!


Open Call for comic strips in a possible future

English version: please scroll down

Was würde in einem Comic-Strip im Jahr 2047 kommuniziert werden?

Ausgehend davon, dass wir uns in einer Welt bewegen, in der ökologische Dystopie auf sozio-ökonomische Utopie prallen. Time’s Up arbeitet aktuell an einem Zukunftsszenario, welches mit genau solch einer Konstellation spielt: Die Ozeane sind so gut wie tot, die Atmosphäre schwer geschädigt und die Umwelt allgemein keine freundliche mehr. Aber die Zivilbevölkerung ist tatkräftig dabei den in die Wege geleiteten Wandel in eine sozial-gerechtere und ökologisch nachhaltigere Welt kraftvoll und engagiert voranzutreiben.

Future_Kayak_LD Continue reading

A piece of proper Art

Who would have thought that?!? – Time’s Up producing real art! Maybe. In some way.
Oh well, to be honest, we are still miles away from having a profound idea of what is needed to have something called art… but in case an indication of an “limited special edition” helps to declare a piece as art – we are in!

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An ocean of pictures, hence memories

When we decided not to let our 20th anniversary drift past unnoticed we came up with a plan comprising of three acts. One of them being the production of a publication, covering in  some “incomplete manner” what Time’s Up could be about, what it has been doing and what it is still continuing to do. Continue reading