Yay! All Futuring Exercise video-documentaries online

Again, just as during all Futuring Overture sessions in November last year, we had the pleasure of Elisa Unger video-documenting the Futuring Exercises, held as part of our project “Presents of the Futures” in Malta in February. Continue reading

Tasting Tomorrow – Fieldwork

Over thirty passionate food people in a nature park on a promontory in south eastern Malta. An interesting and inspiring conclusion to this round of futuring exercises. As the topic of the third round of futuring exercises, we decided upon looking at possible futures of well-being and invited our friends and colleagues from FoAM to work on a project around this topic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they took on the question of food as a vital element of well-being and the way that it might change in reaction to many of the things that are changing in these times.

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Yay – FoAM arrived on-site in Malta

With Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney arriving on the island last night, we are getting closer to our third and final act of “futuring” during this current stay in Malta (there is more to come in April and May!)

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Futures Harvest – kick off

While we are still in the middle of processing the previous Futuring Exercises with Changeist and Extrapolation Factory and getting ready to welcome FoAM to run a third workshop, circulating around possible futures of food, we’ve met at Studio Solipsis to kick off the preparations needed to be done for Futures Harvest.

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Edit Frenzy //Special Programmes Programme // Day 3

Video sprint: 3 days from start  to end. The last day is a frenzy of editing the clips, locating the missing bits, imagining the graphic interlays. We conclude with a quick presentation: the end of the sprint.

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Shooting in the Palace // Special Programmes Programme // Day 2

In a perfectly planned world, we would have sent the scripts to the actors yesterday. But the future is uncertain, as are the creations of them. After the security issues around getting access to the Grand Master’s Palace, it then seemed like the Carneval would be the biggest problem. Afterwards we had some wonderful footage from a great group of actors.

After the sprinted scenario and object prototype creation of the first day, it was time to shoot some video. The groups arrived at the Grand Master’s Palace in the center of Valletta wearing various forms of “Government Chic” to create videos in these timeless surroundings. If a building has been there for a few centuries, it will probably last a few more decades. And so it offers a good basis for the shooting of speculative government programme videos.

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Rolling the Futures Wheel // Special Programmes Programme // Day 01

Elliot Montgomery and Chris Woebken, making up the futures / design duo Extrapolation Factory, led a group of a dozen participants through a process of proposing futures for possible EU Programmes. Developing from signals, not trends, to develop further signals, not worlds, the participants investigated implications.

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The Extrapolation Factory on-site in Malta

Yesterday we had the great pleasure to gather Changeist and The Extrapolation Factory in the same physical space for the very first time. Even though they know each other since a long while, they haven’t met in person until yesterday evening. Delicious food, inspiring chats, lovely wine – what else can one wish for in certain moments!

Changeist is by now back again to their “everyday life” while we started, together with The Extrapolation Factory, to get ready for the next futuring exercise adventure commencing tomorrow.

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First prototypes of post-citizenship futures – Day 03

Here we are at the end of a three day workshop sensing, sketching, exploring and now prototyping some post-citizenship futures, facilitated by Changeist, held at Studio Solipsis and MCAST Mosta. Continue reading

Stretching and inhabiting post citizenship futures – Day02

We started the session today by re-approaching the scenarios we sketched yesterday in order to take them beyond the initial thinking and refresh the stories. Changeist introduced us to a method, the “future-wheel”, which allows some probing for deeper implications of a key change in a possible futures. Continue reading

Exploring a Post-Citizenship Future // Day 01

Today we kicked off another series of workshops within the course of Presents of the Future. As part of the cultural program of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the support of Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation we are excited to experience Changeist facilitating a multi-day workshop exploring possible futures circulating around citizenship / identity, belonging / communities and migration / immigration.

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