An inventory of the first 20 years

Book Launch – May, 3rd – 7PM – Time’s Up Labs – Industriezeile 33B 4020 Linz

After two years of thinking and planning, collecting and translating and reviewing and all those details that make up a book, we are there. Not a detailed overview of the last two decades of work, but rather an attempt of an insight into our thinking, our network, our successes and failures in establishing stimulating worlds of experience that intrigue, amaze or just get people enthusiastic.

External voices from companions, bystanders, critics and partners try to clarify the background of these efforts, trying to work out for themselves and for all of us, that ever present question: “What were they thinking?”  These are combined with documentary and incidental images providing information about work processes, everyday life and the actual artworks themselves.

The unpretentious, creative style of this book forms a bracket, breathes life into the content, and subtly hints at the scope of Time’s Up’s installations. At least that is the hope, and we look forward to carrying on the discussion into the wee hours of the party and the days, weeks and months afterwards.



Perfect pastime for a Friday the 13th


even though the weather was more April- than springlike we had a splendid evening! Katarina Poklepovic & Michele Quadri, performing as So Beast, turned our workspace into an highly interesting, experimental soundscape.
We had the pleasure to enjoy a clever mélange of a digital overdriven piano, an electric guitar, some sampler/drum machines with live electronics, strong voices and percussions.

Update 04/2018

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Da sind sie endlich, die Sonnenstrahlen! Und mit etwas Glück halten sie durch bis zur  ersten Veranstaltung des Jahres vor Ort in unseren hafen-seitigen Labors: FreundInnen von FreundInnen sind auf Tour – und sie werden uns am Freitag den 13. April ab ca. 19.00 mit ihrem aktuellen Programm erfreuen.
So Beast zu Gast bei Time’s Up – um den Frühling mit hoffentlich vielen bekannten Gesichtern willkommen zu heißen.

Die Zeit bis dahin – und über weite Strecken darüber hinaus – werden wir uns mit Cabinet of Futures vertreiben. Mit der Vorbereitung einer Reihe von Workshops (Futuring Exercises) die parallel zu einer, von Turnton Docklands inspirierten, begehbaren Erzählung als erfahrbare Zukunft in Birkirkara (MT) als Beitrag zur Europäischen Kulturhauptstadt Valletta ab 24. August des Jahres abgehalten werden. Continue reading

“The opposite of Feminist is Arsehole”

An invitation to a festival is a nice thing, even if the festival was in honour of a person who we had, as far as we know, never met. The best part was the ever increasing wish to have met them and the understanding that nevertheless, we have been moving in similar and exciting circles.


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We & you have got a date to save


It won’t be long before 1000 copies of Lückenhaft & Kryptisch || Incomplete and Ambiguous will be arriving in our laboratories. After almost two years of scheming, collecting, pestering people for contributions (sorry and thanks for all those wonderful texts!!!), editing, designing, translating and proof-reading, we will have the wonderful pleasure to hold in our hands an attempt to uncover what Time’s Up might be about. Continue reading

irregular as common – some updates

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Geschätzte LeserInnen,

zum Auftakt dieses Jahres freuen wir uns mitzuteilen, dass wir uns – wenn auch etwas zeitverzögert – in der Zielgeraden hin zum Dritten und somit letzten Akt unseres 20-jährigen Jubiläums befinden. Unter dem symptomatischen Titel „Lückenhaft & Kryptisch“ wird noch vor Ablauf des Winters ein Buch in Druck gehen für welches wir KomplizInnen, BeobachterInnen und KritikerInnen der letzten beiden Dekaden baten mit uns über uns zu schreiben. Was gegenwärtig den letzten Schliff erhält erfüllt uns mit Freude, schmückt in Kürze hoffentlich manches Bücherregal und dient mit Sicherheit bald als Anlassgeber für eine rauschende Feierlichkeit in unseren hafenseitigen Labors am Stadtrand von Linz. Mehr dazu gesondert alsbald wir das Buch in Händen halten! Continue reading

An attractor field with symbolic grouping in the Time’s Up logo


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Im Zuge unseres 20-Jahre Jubiläums hatten wir die Ehre Gerhard Dirmoser in unserer “Vergangenheit wühlen zu sehen”.

Eine vernetzte Auslegung der medialen und thematischen Grundlinien von Time’s Up – so nennt Gerhard Dirmoser das Resultat in dem er in bemerkenswerter und beeindruckender Akribie aus verfügbaren schriftlichen Unterlagen von Time’s Up (Tagebücher, Projektseiten, Konzepte, Entwürfe, Reflexionen, Jahresberichte, Förderansuchen) über 7.000 Formulierungen auswählte und in 30 Kontexte zuordnete. Continue reading

Table of content – Complete! Slightly ambiguous though..

When editing a book, the moment you reach the finalisation of the “Table of Contents” could be taken as entering the final step of it, couldn’t it???


If so, admittedly later than initially planned, we are hitting the home stretch for the 3rd part of our 20-year anniversary these days! A publication with the symptomatic title “Incomplete & Ambiguous” will make its way to the printing house in a rather near future. Continue reading

Craft of Experience Design

In a very dense day in October, we had the pleasure of sharing a stage in Den Haag with a number of very interesting, inspiring and stimulating speakers at the Craft of Experience Design symposium. The Instrument Inventors group edited videos of all the talks and have just released them for our enjoyment and edification. You can find a commented summary of all videos, their Vimeo collection or just our presentation.

Ambiguous & Incomplete

It was planned to be a published while Turnton Docklands is set up and running during the ARS Electronica at LENTOS… well, that didn’t work out … another aimed publishing date was shortly before the end of the year … again, didn’t work out.

But hey –  a lovely “book-launch-party” in early spring 2018 sounds rather tempting for us! We’ll keep you posted!

What a nice evening

Turnton Docklands kept us busy for months. This evening – under the moniker of “Remnants of Turnton Docklands” gave us a wondeful chance to celebrate and “decompress” in a jovially circle of colleagues and friends.