RISE.Turnton2047 – Traces

We undoubtedly enjoy transforming a wide variety of spaces (from abandoned factory halls to subways, basements of museums and empty business premises to “white cubes” and theatre stages) into “immersive environments”.

We love telling stories through detailed staging of these spaces, and for a few years now we have been concentrating on “making future scenarios experiential“ in the course of these stagings.

We often document the process of these transformations – most efficiently when Elisa Unger assists us with her talents. We even publish one or the other picture together with a “situation report” and also try to carefully fill our notebooks with attributions such as: functional, improvable and “leave it alone”… after all, there is usually a next exhibition set up lurking somewhere around the corner.

At the moment, however, it’s not about the construction but about the (at least mostly) immanent dismantling of these immersive environments.

And this, although far from ever climbing to the top of the “we like to do that” list, contains something equally wonderful. Namely the traces of an audience that follows our request, our invitation to get involved in the „haptic, experiential storyworld” that we are building precisely for them.

This is how a Medusabar – menu is supposed to look after being part of RISE.Turnton2047
and being thoroughly examined quite a number of times by an audience.

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