Space is the place…. and space was the place indeed!

What a brilliant evening! Made possible by everyone involved in our summer party presented by Myth Science Entertainment! Special Thanx to David Mochida Krispel – our most wonderful partner in crime for this type of events since many many years!


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Starschnitt #2 – Time’s Up Kunstgalerie

Just another seasonal postcard! Summer 2018

…. not really a life-size – cutout of our kitchen art-gallery, still unveiling an impression of our sophisticated sense of the arts….


Radical and Circular – Cabinet of Futures

Three themes will constitute the temporarily set up Practical Utopian Directorate within the Cabinet of Futures exhibition, which is a Valletta 2018 project as part of the Cultural Programme.


Radical Recycling / Circular Economy will be the first pool of interest being tackled. Using biological systems to think about waste and want, imagining society as a garden or a forest where all the parts have a role to play and there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place. Continue reading

Forum Dialog / Kunstuniversität …. zu Gast….

… bei Time’s Up im Hafen Linz – mit Tina Auer, Andrea Strasser und Luis Wohlmuther

Bilder von Violetta Wakolbinger

noch mehr Images von Violetta Wakolbinger


Practical Utopia Directorate


As part of Cabinet of Futures, displayed during Valletta 2018, we plan to facilitate a series of events and exercises to develop utopian literacy – asking one essential question:

In which world do we want to live?

This is a big question but really, it is the only question. When we look at the question, some main words appear; “we” and “world”, as well as “want,” as opposed to “I”, “lifestyle”, “must.” A series of events as part of the Cabinet of Futures invites an interested public to explore options and possibilities about our actual needs and wants and how we want to live in the world. The temporarily established “Practical Utopian Directorate” asks all people from Malta to be part of a collective, playful and easy accessible imagination of what sort of world we want to live in and to consider ways of getting there.

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Social Warmth needed!!

1806_12_SozialeWaerme_Europgymnasium_04We’ve completed another iteration of discussing social warmth in the becoming “Festival of the Regions” vicinity.

This time we concentrated very much on adolescents in the region, including the chance to meet students from several high schools, such as the commercial highschool or the Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg.

We just started examining the vast range of answers we have been collecting, sorting the discussion-contributions gotten, still, similar to our encounters during the first on-site viewing, social warmth opens up great space to discuss what is needed in a society to develop and thrive and allowing to approach one of the most crucial questions: „In which world do we want to live?“.


Make… Cooperative Futures

Within the tiny period of two hours, six sketches of “practical utopian moments” – meaning six imaginations combining existing practical tools, concepts and processes with utopian ideas allowing some improvement of a tomorrow – were developed.

We had wonderfully participating attendants during this small Futuring Exercise, which was part of the Make… Cooperative Futures symposium organised and conducted by the Mediengestaltung Lehramt // Kunstuniversität Linz.

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Local Viewing – Festival of the Regions

We had the pleasure of preparing a set of questions for participants of the Local Viewing of the Festival of the Regions, which took place on May 25th. These allowed us to collect various approaches and ideas of participants as well as the local population towards the theme of the festival: Social Warmth, as well as getting some impressions on what would be considered favored and important within the region itself.

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Officially launched – ready to be read!


Image: Gin / Robert Zauner

It’s done – we are officially grown up now! All planned acts (three in total) are completed. Starting in 2016 with Act 01: All Grown Up – celebrating the moving into our workspace 20 years ago. Continued with Turnton Docklands, shown 2017 at LENTOS Kunstmuseum – meaning exactly 20 years after we have been displaying our first show, The Hyperfitness-Studio in public. And concluding with the launch of Lückenhaft & Kryptisch // Ambiguous & Incomplete – a publication about our first 20 years. Continue reading

Silk Screen Printing ahead!

We did it! Well…okay… we started it.

Silk-screen printing has been on our list for “infrastructural extensions” for a very long time. The production of small batches on particular, often uncommon “printing substrates,” is needed rather often during the implementation of our physical narratives and experiential futures such as Turnton Docklands. Continue reading

There is nothing wrong with disco-balls…

not sure when a certain predilection for disco balls in our spectrum for “party-lights” came into existence… but we will be using several tomorrow during the Lückenhaft & Kryptisch / Ambiguous & Incomplete book-launch

Maintaining Social Warmth

In 2019 the FESTIVAL OF THE REGIONS will take place in the region of Perg-Strudengau, one of Upper Austria´s LEADER-regions. The theme of the festival is SOCIAL WARMTH. Exploring the concept of Social Warmth and what it may mean in today’s world is at the heart of the FESTIVAL OF THE REGIONS 2019.

A topic we are happy to wrap our heads around. Even more in times like the current ones!

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