Time is flying but the ride is fun!

Die Tage fliegen uns gerade etwas rasant um die Ohren, was aber nicht heißt, dass wir nicht Freude an ihnen hätten.

Mehr als ein Monat liegt der Abbau von Turnton Docklands bereits zurück; derart verpackt natürlich, dass wir kurzerhand alle erdenklichen Erweiterungen vom Zaun brechen können.

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Turnton Docklands remnants

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While packing most of Turnton Docklands into a 40′ Container to get it ready to be set up at some other places we realized that there is still a rather huge load of T-Shirts left over!

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“What’s Next???” – easy: Lückenhaft & Kryptisch!

After the Presents of the Future  project in Malta and Gozo came to an end in May this year, we had been enthusiastic about managing the final implementation of Turnton Docklands as well as the launch of our anniversary publications Lückenhaft & Kryptisch // Ambiguous & Incomplete simultaneously. Our (less) secret plan was to have lots and lots of Time’s Up anniversary publications given away (or hopefully, sold..) while Turnton Docklands is being shown at LENTOS during the Ars Electronica Festival and afterwards.

Oh well … if my memory serves me well… it was around mid May that we had to accept that our original plan was not just too ambitious but even preposterous! Continue reading

Make sure to find/order/get a Turnton Gazette!

There is Turnton Docklands – a physical narrative staged as an experiential future displayed at LENTOS Kunstmuseum in Linz. A walk-through environment which allows visitors to explore a possible future, circling around the interweaving of a dystopic ecological situation and an utopian socio-political and fair economical system.

And then there is the Turnton Gazette – a newspaper, published on September, 6th 2047 – addressing and intensifying some of the themes and aspects which are represented in the physical surrounding. The Gazette also extends and introduces additional interests and branches which have been crucial in the creation and development of the future scenario behind the implemented version of Turnton Docklands. Continue reading

A first, still very short attempt to summarize what happened in the last few days in Turnton Docklands

Saying anything other than that we experienced a series of overwhelming, wonderful days, would be simply  untrue.

As too well known, the last days before an opening are traditionally kind of intense… Even though we know, somewhere in the very back of our minds, that we will manage to get ready for the opening, a tinge of uncertainty remains and keeps us up on our toes until the very last minute… Continue reading

And the last glimpse before the opening

It’s just a few more hours and the city-gates will be opened. Once again Elisa Unger produced  this final glimpse into Turnton Docklands at LENTOS Kunstmuseum, which will be shown until the 22nd of October as part (Featured Artist) of the ARS Electronica.

Turnton Docklands has emerged out of a project we started in the context of Changing Weathers, a pan-European project made possible with the support from: Creative Europe Culture, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ. The current version is kindly supported through LinzAG, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, ARS Electronica, Valletta2018, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ.