[Update] Eine Wahl zwischen Krise und Katastrophe || A Choice between a Crisis and a Catastrophe

Liebe Leser*innen, rasant, geschwinde und stürmisch wirbelten die letzten Wochen um unsere Ohren. Egal auf welche, Time’s Up internen, aber … More

Aiming for & Leaving with

As of today at the latest, it’s official – Curiouser and Curiouser Cried Alice, a multi-year artsbased-research project, being undertaken … More

Post Education | Crises of Pedagogies

Back from Arad. Soaked with rain, but undoubtedly inspired – as we had the pleasure of attending the multi-day event … More

Aqualand, Magical Co-Reality & A worshipping society of hybrid intercommunicating species

200 young people from 70 countries around the world with different cultural and educational backgrounds have been invited to be … More