Mind The Map – Media coverage France

There is some media-attention for Mind The Map in France. Charlotte Farouault from the radio-station SUN-Radio – did a “walk-through interview” with one of the invigilators, looking after the installation.

Even if we try hard, we are not able to understand much more than Mind The Map and Time’s Up…. Still, the article “Déambulation sonore sur la piste des politiques de migration en Europe” written from Charlotte Farouault and embedding the audio-file has been summarized for us by Michka Mélo as follows:

The review is very positive, more like a press release, here is a rough translation attempt : “Deconstruct, understand and re-articulate the past and present of migration behaviors & policies in Europe, this is the aim of the physical story “Mind the Map”, presented by the Austrian collective “Time’s Up”, coproduced with “Le Lieu Unique”.

“Maybe we Europeans have reached the state in which Cristine is at the end of the story” – Time’s Up

The installation, a true treasure hunt, tells the imaginary story of Cristine Kollan, young Austrian, who loves sailing, and whose fate will radically changed after rescuing a drowning immigrant family.

“We would not dare claiming that we have an idea of the difficulties that have to cross those who are forced to leave their countries – whatever the reason is ! “- Time’s Up

And if this unique experience was the embodiment of the hopes for change of our comfortable European countries, currently facing the issues of immigration and “the future in which we want to live”? To discuss this proposal, we chose to walk alongside Benjamin Baroux, cultural mediator for Le Lieu Unique. He presents us step by step the many sides of artistic and narrative of this originally formatted very realistic story.

This exhibition is presented as part of Scopitone, the Nantes Digital Week, Festival D and Geopolitics.

More information on Time’s Up and on the processes and outcomes of the research at http://www.timesup.org

Mind the Map is visible at the Lieu Unique until Sunday, October 11, 2015 – Free Admission – from Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 19h / Sunday from 15h to 19h.”

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