Mind The Map – exhibited in Italy

For all those who haven’t had a chance to visit the currently dismantled Mind The Map exhibition, set up during the Palinsesti festival in San Vito, IT have at least a chance to see a few images taken at our flickr account.

An interview with Davide Bevilacqua who was one of the curators of the festival and being the one inviting us over can be found here.

Mind The Map – videoscreening


It is almost a year ago we premiered Mind the Map at the le lieu unique, the national center for contemporary arts in Nantes, FR, which co-produced the work. It is almost a year ago, Elisa Unger joined us, equipped with a camera, a few spotlights and a microphone, to document the set up and the opening of Mind The Map – a piece taking nearly two years of development and implementation to take shape. Continue reading

Mind The Map Opening in Prague

Last week we had the pleasure to officially open “Mind The Map” at the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague. The exhibition will be displayed until 8th of April.

Es erinnert daran, dass nach dem Fall der Mauer in Berlin, den durchschnittenen Zäunen zwischen Österreich und Ungarn, der samtenen Revolution neue Zäune errichtet werden. Die alte Angst ist als neuer Feind – gegen die Menschlichkeit – zurückgekehrt.

It reminds us that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, after the cut fences between Austria and Hungary, after the Velvet revolution; new fences are being constructed. The old fear has returned, as the new enemy – against humanity.

A comment, given by Renate Milena Findeis, editor of the forum zeitzug.com, after spending time in the exhibition. Continue reading

Turtles and Dragons in Budapest

Elizabeth Shimana, one of the contributors to our 2012 book Turtles and Dragons, will be speaking about the preservation of media art at the MAPS Conference in Budapest. Turtles and Dragons was concerned with these sorts of questions: how does one write down or otherwise notate the behaviour of contemporary pieces of art or music. Interaction, responsiveness, timbre; many of these things fall outside the realm of existing technical or arts based notation.



Mind The Map – first video trailer online

There is lots of video material collected. All captured through Elisa Unger while the set up and the opening of Mind the Map at le lieu unique in Nantes, France.

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Mind the Map announced at kunstforum.de

Mind the Map gets announced at Kunstforum.de and Lucid Peninsula gets a whole paragraph at diepresse.com

who would have thought that?  Maybe it is time to re-start a “Pressespiegel”?

Kunstforum MTM

Mind The Map Kunstforum

Lucid Peninsula Die Presse

Hotel Obscura media coverage

Lucid Peninsula at Hotel Obscura

We had the pleasure to present Lucid Peninsula in Austria again. It was shown as part of Hotel Obscura, a project initiated by Triage (AU), currently being developed and produced by Triage, Kara Ward productions & Arts House in Australia and Die Fabrikanten (AT), Mezzanine Spectacles (FR) & Ohi Pezoume (GR) in Europe.

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Mind the Map – well frequented

We are happy to hear, that Mind The Map is highly well frequented. An average of several hundred people per day are attending the Physical Narrative, focussing on past, present and future aspects of European migration and asylum policies, set up at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, FR.


Mind The Map – Media coverage France

There is some media-attention for Mind The Map in France. Charlotte Farouault from the radio-station SUN-Radio – did a “walk-through interview” with one of the invigilators, looking after the installation.

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Lucid Peninsula at Hotel Obscura

Hotel Obscura Cover programm

Hotel Obscura Cover programm

Lucid Peninsula, another physical narrative from Time’s Up, sketched, developed and implemented in close cooperation with Madeira Interactive Technology Institute (PT), FoAM (BE) and AltArt (RO) as part of Future Fabulators, an EU-funded project that aims to explore and prototype possible futures within a cultural framework, will be the next exhibition we are getting ready to set up in Vienna along Hotel Obscura, a project initiated by Triage (AU), is currently being developed and produced by Triage, Kara Ward productions & Arts House in Australia and Die Fabrikanten (AT), Mezzanine Spectacles (FR) & Ohi Pezoume (GR) in Europe. Continue reading

Mind The Map – images-selection from Nantes, LLU

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Mind the Map – addressing aspects of European migration policies – was opened to the public for the very first time. On one of these days, in a row of far too many, in which reality treated hundred of thousands of humans, in the center as well as at the borders of Europe, in human rights abusing and highly disgraceful ways!