Future Fabulators – Lucid Dreaming

First steps into an implementation

At the beginning of June, immediately after Data Ecologies and the Booksprint “futurish”, and being very much in a “possible futures” state of mind, Time’s Up and FoAM took part in an experimental scenario planning exercise. Building upon techniques from business futures, lucid dreaming and improvisational theatre, Maja Kuzmanovic led the group through a process of developing a world.


Results, imaginations and ideas from that session along what we know, assume and don’t know about the world we imagined, on its inhabitants, their characteristics, problems, hopes and dreams, the tools they use, their institutions and lots more can be found here.

Shortly after this session we started to work on a possible implementation of the Lucid Dreaming Storyworld. We took single aspects, single threads and re-knotted them into the setting for a Physical Narrative to transfer several fragments of it into an experiential future which will be exhibited in a rather near future.

The lucid dreaming scenario turned into something we call “Lucid Peninsula” and is, as one would expect, a dreamy, fantasy-filled scenario filled with metaphorical beings, strange concepts and mechanistic wonderfulness. In some sense, a suitably ridiculous future. However, as we wanted to have a scenario that is easily understood and deals more with the everyday aspects, we have de-metaphored the scenario for this implementation.

We start from the premise, that environmental living conditions have radically changed. The outside air is bad – not immediately toxic, but some people / inhabitants of the peninsula need special gear and treatment after exposure. Medical treatment is easy and common. The space we find is a sleeping / resting space in an undefined future. Our guest is a single character, getting ready to take care about themself and to dive into their dreams.

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