Data Ecologies Day02

The second day of the symposium has been opened through our longstanding partner FoAM. Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney started with giving an insight in their historical background bridged to their current works, ideas and approaches. As a cultural laboratory re-imagining possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life, they have been involved in speculated futures since quite a while. Along Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium they described how these principles are explored in their work and showed what could be meant with “The Future is Already Here – It’s Just Unevenly Ridiculous”.

FoAM has been followed by the talk of Trevor Haldenby; who – amongst other skills and talents – is a graduate in Strategic Foresight and Innovation and founder of the Mission Business, a boutique consultancy that brings scenarios about the future to life as interactive live experiences. In his lecture: “Bringing The Future To Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios” he presented the Zed.To ByoLogyc pervasive transmedia scenario project which was played out in Toronto over 2012-2013.

Julian Bleecker from the Near Futures Laboratory had unfortunately to cancel his attendance at the last minute, but very kindly provided a video especially produced to be shown during the symposium to introduce one of their current works, the “Catalog of an Extraordinary Future When It Becomes An Ordinary Today”. Due to the video provided in combination with Scott Smith involvement in the development in the catalogue we have been able to gain a good insight in the process as well as the approach of it.

As described by Pippa Buchanan and Nina Wenhart – our great documentarists of the symposium – Justin Pickard, as the last person speaking on the second day, took us on a whirlwind ride through issues relating to the practice of foresight and generated as many tangents as possible along his lecture with the title: “In Sync? Uncertainty, Expectation, And The Practice of Foresight”.

The closing discussion was pretty much dominated through questions and aspects which shall / should be find its way into “the book” which will be tackled in a few days through several of the symposium participants.

Notes collected by Nina Wenhart and Pippa Buchanan as well as most of the presentation-documents of the speaker can be found in the “learning section” of the Physical Narrative Mediawiki. Maja Kuzmanovic has taken notes as well and put them on the libarynth.

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