Travel through Europa – much too fast

We knew it would be slightly insane to visit Germany, France and Rumania within 10 days but we knew as well, that we will be able to get lots of out it.

Starting with a multi-day visit at the first time held B3 Moving Image Biennial in Frankfurt we had to choose between a wide range of offered lectures, workshops, movie-screenings, discussions centered on the topic of expanded narratives. Due to our interest and particularly active employment with “Physical Narratives” we simply had to go there and find out what a contemporary discussion in film and video is about. Notes we took while attending and a few reflecting thoughts can be found NOTES HERE, IMAGES HERE.

Our following stay in Paris was too short to do anything else but having a nice glass of red wine while watching the events on Parisian roads. We continued with visiting Li Lieu Unique, a cultural center in Nantes, which used to be part of the LU – biscuits imperium. Striking in its architecture as well as impressive in the range of art and culture activities, LLU will be one of the venues presenting Future Fabulators results. Being as close to the ocean as Nantes is and not going to see it, would simply be a no-go for Time’s Up people, especially since we heard about this grand sea monster, very close to Saint Nazaire. Huang Yong Ping “SERPENT D’OCÉAN” doubtless worth to see!

Huang Yong Ping “SERPENT D’OCÉAN” doubtless worth to see!

Huang Yong Ping “SERPENT D’OCÉAN” doubtless worth to see!

The last part of our trip led us to Cluj / RO. Our Future Fabulators partner AltArt hosted a two-day workshop centered on the topic of “Future of the City”. Future Forecast – a method developed by AltArt, is based on analysis by fabulation as an innovative way to share knowledge, to create collective future scenarios and to assume attitudes and actions meeting possible future developments. It will take a bit more time of reflection till we will have the results of this workshop summarized. A start has been made and can be found here : Future Of the City.

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