“The opposite of Feminist is Arsehole”

An invitation to a festival is a nice thing, even if the festival was in honour of a person who we had, as far as we know, never met. The best part was the ever increasing wish to have met them and the understanding that nevertheless, we have been moving in similar and exciting circles.


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Craft of Experience Design

In a very dense day in October, we had the pleasure of sharing a stage in Den Haag with a number of very interesting, inspiring and stimulating speakers at the Craft of Experience Design symposium. The Instrument Inventors group edited videos of all the talks and have just released them for our enjoyment and edification. You can find a commented summary of all videos, their Vimeo collection or just our presentation.

Tasting Tomorrow – Day 2

Meeting in the fort at the end of Valletta, the group of eleven partcipants wended their way through thoughts of disasters and saving graces. FoAM led the group from a broad sweep through the influences, drivers, trends and influences that we saw as being relevant for a thriving food culture and then we leapt into Dator’s Four Futures: Continue, Collapse, Discipline and Transform.

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Tasting Tomorrow – Fieldwork

Over thirty passionate food people in a nature park on a promontory in south eastern Malta. An interesting and inspiring conclusion to this round of futuring exercises. As the topic of the third round of futuring exercises, we decided upon looking at possible futures of well-being and invited our friends and colleagues from FoAM to work on a project around this topic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they took on the question of food as a vital element of well-being and the way that it might change in reaction to many of the things that are changing in these times.

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Edit Frenzy //Special Programmes Programme // Day 3

Video sprint: 3 days from start  to end. The last day is a frenzy of editing the clips, locating the missing bits, imagining the graphic interlays. We conclude with a quick presentation: the end of the sprint.

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Shooting in the Palace // Special Programmes Programme // Day 2

In a perfectly planned world, we would have sent the scripts to the actors yesterday. But the future is uncertain, as are the creations of them. After the security issues around getting access to the Grand Master’s Palace, it then seemed like the Carneval would be the biggest problem. Afterwards we had some wonderful footage from a great group of actors.

After the sprinted scenario and object prototype creation of the first day, it was time to shoot some video. The groups arrived at the Grand Master’s Palace in the center of Valletta wearing various forms of “Government Chic” to create videos in these timeless surroundings. If a building has been there for a few centuries, it will probably last a few more decades. And so it offers a good basis for the shooting of speculative government programme videos.

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Rolling the Futures Wheel // Special Programmes Programme // Day 01

Elliot Montgomery and Chris Woebken, making up the futures / design duo Extrapolation Factory, led a group of a dozen participants through a process of proposing futures for possible EU Programmes. Developing from signals, not trends, to develop further signals, not worlds, the participants investigated implications.

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Makery interviews Time’s Up

As the Changing Weathers project draws to a close, the ideas that it set free emerge in other arenas and areas, finding resonances around our wonderful community. A few weeks ago a request for an interview in the zine Makery arrived, and part one has now been published, in English and French. Happily the thoughts that were discussed set off more thoughts for us: let’s see where they all end up!



Sustenance is something else

One of the things we started doing in our barren corner of the industrial harbour a few years ago was greening it up, making some soil, planting some herbs and even attempting some actual vegetable growing. Basil often works, rosemary, thyme, sage too, the perennial strawberries in a synergetic fungal culture (thanks Natalia!) are delivering every year as are the blackberries and a few other random things. We try other things like silverbeet and fennel, salads and the tomatoes were often quite fantastic. Some things are less visible: today we cleaned up a bit and harvested our potatoes after a whole summer.


1.25 kilogrammes. I don’t think we will be an island of sustainability and self-reliance any time soon.

Turnton welcomes you

After several months of development, we are happy to open the city gates and welcome  the public to explore one corner of our small city on the sea, Turnton. Emerging from a simple futuring process that used our researches about ocean health, sail cargo and socio-economic changes, the scenario imagines that we as society will not react in time to avert massive dead zones, fisheries collapse and ocean pollution. However we are not just gloomy (a comment from a visitor) in that we imagine responses to these changes on a socio economic scale in order to alleviate many of the issues, the shadows of sail cargo ships on the wall, New Neighbours are welcome. Continue reading

The Punt on show

Over 5 years ago a simple small boat, a punt, based on a design from the 1930s by Edward Monk, was a winter building exercise in the harbourside workshops. We named her the Imperial Punt because all the dimensions are in inches. A simple vessel that has been a bit of a workhorse for various projects and events. For instance we use her in workshops, she was the ferry for the Floating Village with Leo Schatzl and a group at the mouth of the Traun river and appeared in the follow on exhibition in Kunstraum Goethestrasse. We were approached a few months ago by the curators of a show at the 44er Gallery in Leonding, a small city near Linz, whether we had a suitable vessel for an exhibition. So now the punt has been in two whole exhibitions, perhaps she is an art boat.

Lab Report from the Plastic Souls

Geert Jan Hobijn from Staalplaat Sound System has been our practitioner in residence the past week or two, and filed the following report after the second round of water testing:

At times up I was working on Plastic Souls.
The sonification of the plastic waste that floats in the water .
We construct a series floating musical instruments which are entirely made of these ‘adapted’ plastic bottles.

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