Post Education | Crises of Pedagogies

Back from Arad. Soaked with rain, but undoubtedly inspired – as we had the pleasure of attending the multi-day event “Post education. Pedagogy of the Crisis“.

This is an initiative developed in the context of “Knowledge Fields” (a multi-year project for Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture) by Indecis, Minitremu, Kinema Ikon and the association Doar Mâine, which aims to identify current shortcomings and deficiencies in arts pedagogy in order to develop proposals for improvements that take current crises into account in a future-oriented way.

One aim, amongst others, of the initiative is to develop and publish an experimental pedagogical guide. One that gathers ideas and proposals on methodology and strategy with the inclusion of artistic practice. One that actively involves not only educators but also pupils and students in its development and one that strives to empower all participants to question conventional narratives in order to ultimately identify and integrate information, knowledge and insight into everyday life in a structured way. Everyday life, in turn, which is characterised by a multitude of crises, demands that education addresses and deals with precisely these crises. The initiators ascribe a central role to transdisciplinarity and transpedagogy, which are essential for raising awareness of one’s own responsibility for socio-political and environmental developments. At least that is our interpretation of the undertaking.

Against this background, from 16.09. – 17.09.2022, educational practices already in use were presented by speakers, and subsequently, in an open workshop, shortcomings were identified, needs formulated and suggestions for the development of new programmes collected.

What needs to be covered for single methods to be practiced. A short section of the needs-offers diagram in development.

On the one hand, we had the wonderful opportunity to report on the means and methods with which we approach the development of possible – especially preferred – futures. On the other hand, we had the chance to hear about inspiring, already implemented, transdisciplinary instruments in pedagogy as well as the exciting task to think about possible further steps in the development and elaboration of alternative educational practices together with the workshop participants.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to enjoy time (and food!) with great people and to stroll through another lovely town in Romania – both activities which hopefully will be repeated in a not too far future.

Time’s Up is supported by BMKOES, Linz Kultur, Land OÖ & Linz AG. Activities such as the one described here is feeding Curiouser and Curiouser, cried Alice: Rebuilding Janus from Cassandra and Pollyanna (CCA), an artbased research project from the Institute for Design Investigations at the University of Applied Arts Vienna und Time’s Up. It is supported by the Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK) from Austrian Science Fund (FWF): AR561.

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