Futures Brought to Life – A symposium documented

There is a long list of reasons why working together with the Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab is a wonderful thing to do. One of the most clear reasons (and we dare to say, we have a few years of experience in to help us decide which reasons are more important) is the team of people involved. A team from which you don’t ever hear a “that’s not possible.” Quite the opposite; you always get a “let’s see what is possible,” including the honest attempt at making things which might seem impossible at first sight, possible.

It is very clear and necessary to say that without the AIL team, in particular David Pujadas Bosch, we wouldn’t have such a complete coverage of all talks held at the Futures Brought to Life Symposium.

VIMEO LINK TO SHOWREEL (covering all contributions by single speakers)


And if you are looking for a specific speaker – just scroll down here
DAY 01 – 12.05.2022

Welcome (Alexandra Graupner, Gerald Bast) & Introduction (Tina Auer & Tim Boykett, Julia Nüßlein)
Superflux (Anab Jain) – You Can Only Be The Revolution
Katharina Unger / remote – Farming insects: from speculation to industrial technology
Extrapolation Factory (Chris Woebken & Elliott P. Montgomery) / remote – A decade of participatory futures


Introduction after lunch by Julia Nüßlein
Alex Davies / remote – The Present Edge of a Very Near Future
Time’s Up – Sweaty Futures, Snooping and Joy: Social Immersion in Experiential Storyworld Futures
FoAM (Maja Kuzmanovic & Nik Gaffney) – Life, life support and the afterlives of (im)possible worlds

DAY 01 – 12.05.202

Introduction Day 02 by Julia Nüßlein
José Ramos – What Can we Learn from a Conversation with Three Mythological Beings from the Futures?
Paul Graham Raven – The limit(ation)s of literacy: meandering toward a (trans)media ecology of futures
Andy Bichlbaum / Jacques Servin (The Yes Men) / remote – Fiction can sometimes lead to reality


Introduction after lunch by Julia Nüßlein
Lucy Kimbell – Prototyping social and policy futures
Changeist (Scott Smith & Susan Cox-Smith) – Calibrating Experiences
Sophie Howe – Why [do] we need a Future Generations Commissioner[?]
Stuart Candy – Reflections on Experimental Futures
Closing Words (Tina Auer & Tim Boykett)

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