Looking forth and back

A winter is just around the corner – very likely one that will be very different from previous ones. The reasons for this are well known. It is also obvious that the Time’s Up workshops – although impregnated by the smell of infectious agents and manned by accomplices who keep their distance and wear masks – will not lie idle.

Focal points in the winter months deal with interests, ideas and passions that have also occupied us in the past months.

Only recently we had the pleasure to host “Clean Cargo” experts on the current situation of three sub-areas of this undoubtedly extensive topic. Under the title “Clean Cargo Lunch Sessions“, we will be addressing the next public round in the coming winter months, although not necessarily already, but we will be tackling its orientation and planning.

Also in the center of attention will be questions regarding “Who is valued and how much is paid for which labor”. Questions about possible shifts – especially in view of current developments – which will, can, could and should come about, will be worked on together with the Centrul Cultural Clujean and will be incorporated into a series of workshops, as well as an exhibition in Cluj / RO entitled “Re:Thinking Work” next year.

How “better futures for all”, which instead of scaring people makes people appreciate them, can be discussed, developed and, above all, set free, is still the central element of our art-based research project “Curiouser and Curiouser, cried Alice” (CCA), which we are running together with the Department of Design Investigations of the University of Applied Arts Vienna – supported by the Program for the Development and Exploration of the Arts (PEEK) of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): AR561. In this context, we will use the winter months, among other things, to develop the thematic orientation for a symposium to be held in Linz in the fall of 2021.

CCA will also allow us to continue to develop and hold participatory workshops in the virtual world, consciously striving not to forget the playful component in thinking and designing the future in times of great uncertainty.

Well – and that without the dirt under the fingernails nothing works at Time’s Up is a well known fact. It is in this spirit that we are carrying out the production work for the exhibition RISE. Turnton2047 https://timesup.org/RiseTurnton2047 – planned to find its way to the OK in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter in spring 2021 – and bravely defy the temperatures of the workshop. Their “glitter, mica and garland content“ was wonderfully increased by the audio/video recordings of Äffchen & Craigs for their song HITSTORM!

Much more temperature-friendly in the context of the production work for RISE. Turnton2047 is the acoustic foretaste of our redesigned radio play from the Medusa Bar, which is currently still in progress. It will be presented ready for Christmas time.

Time’s Up is supported by BMKOESLinz KulturLand OÖ and Linz AG. Curiouser and Curiouser, cried Alice: Rebuilding Janus from Cassandra and Pollyanna (CCA) is an artbased research project from Design Investigations (ID2) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna und Time’s Up. It is supported by the Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK) from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): AR561.

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