Back to the paperwork…

….. meaning in our case the great opportunity for a further elaboration of densified formulations of Turnton. While SeatoxDetox – an experiential future with a special focus on the consequences of collapsed maritime ecosystems – is still on display at City Gallery Pardubice, we are busy with developing another part of Turnton, a city close to the ocean, inviting an audience to experience one out of several possible futures in 2047.

The overarching setting as well as the basic setting developed throughout the previous iterations of Turnton will be kept. Thus, timewise we will stroll in the year 2047, geographically we are promenading on the outskirts of Turnton, a small city on the sea. We see a climate and system changed world – showing us an era in which the devastating long-term effects of environmental pollution and its consequent upsetting of natural balances dominate global life. After decades of ineffective and reluctant political action, even negation, global warming is raging with worldwide weather extremes, considerable climatic changes and large areas of land and coastal regions have become useless for human habitation due to floods, droughts and storms together with a constant rise in the sea level and toxic collapsed ocean ecosystems.

The consequences of the ruthless interventions of mankind in ecological systems are creating havoc for the world and its population. In our imaginations about that world we mitigate and enrich this ecologically dystopian picture of the year 2047 with a socio-economic utopia. This utopia is countering and subverting the environmental catastrophes and their social consequences with the growing fusion of a plethora of countermeasures, already in existence in 2020 and before, that will driving a change in civilisation for the better in the coming decades.


Within that given, even though malleable (if needed) frame, we are back to deepening the storyworld, being this part within the imagination of a possible future, concentrating on some of the „stories behind the scenes“. Allowing to tell tales about the inhabitants, the characters living in this future scenario, talking about the institutions and entities established there, going into detail of challenges, hopes and fears in the world imagined. That part of development we call the fictionalisation of the scenario.

And exactly that’s where we are in these moments. Fictionalising institutions and initiatives, single characters, roles and positions, fears and hopes. Sketching everyday life and routines in 2047, possible interactions and relations.

On one hand, drawing on some of our „good old friends“, like Fenfang Lin, a former ocean biologists, now running the Medusabar, the place where all sorts of people hang out in Turnton in 2047, or Baron Trashy, responsible for the Radical Recycling plant in town. At the other hand we develop new characters and situations. Integrating new content being of relevance, allowing the inclusion of current elaborations in single narratives and biographies.

There is a good reason for that next iteration of the storyworld behind, beyond and around Turnton: an extended version of the Medusabar will be shown during „Künstliche Paradise“ – at the Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich.

A fact, making another aspect of „back to the paperwork“ necessary: a new location means a new layout. Starting with several 2D versions being suitable for a specific space, before turning into a 1:25 scaled 3D model followed by a 1:1 scale playable implementation.


As the parts fall into place, it slowly becomes clear how it can all fit together. We hope to see you in the “artificial paradise” from May.

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