Local Viewing – Festival of the Regions

We had the pleasure of preparing a set of questions for participants of the Local Viewing of the Festival of the Regions, which took place on May 25th. These allowed us to collect various approaches and ideas of participants as well as the local population towards the theme of the festival: Social Warmth, as well as getting some impressions on what would be considered favored and important within the region itself.

Under the direction of the artistic festival director Airan Berg, three bus tours led through different locations and landscapes of the region. Guided by local experts (Andrea Wahl – Consciousness Region, Leo Saftic – region Perg and Lothar Pühringer region Grein / Strudengau).

Asking about preferred and recommendable features of the regions, we clearly learned that there is a strong favourisiation of several scenic attractions within the population, furthermore a strong appreciation of the Mauthausen Memorial. Missed by the most, if forced to leave the region, would be the Danube, followed by social communities.

Questions circulating around the festival-theme Social Warmth, such as one specifically asking what would happen to a society which wouldn’t cherish social warmth showed a range of very strong dystopian scenarios, reaching from mental devastation and egoism via complete individual isolation, the raise of conflicts up to civil wars and the overall decline of the world/society.

So, here’s to more and better social warmth, something we all need.


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