A bar named Medusa in Turnton Docklands

When it became clear that the scenario within the climate and system changed possible future we are developing will be representing a part of a city on the sea it also became clear, that there can’t be a harbourside area without a proper pub.

Bazingi Rieki – the originally chosen name got transformed into Medusa – both names focussing onto the range of products being primarily served in this fictional bar: jellyfish.

In a first version, displayed in Riga during the RIXC Art Science festival in September 2016, the bar was indicated as a mere backdrop. In the current version it will turn into a space, which not necessarily will be serving jellyfish – but will offer and serve quiet a bit of background information of the story-world behind the physical narrative staged as an experiential future.


We are happy that Silke Müller and Katja Seifert (two brilliant illustrators) as well as papplab (a team of superb cardboard-furniter esperts)  joined to design and implement the appearance of that particular part of Turnton Docklands.

Turnton Docklands has been emerging out of a project we started in the context of Changing Weathers, a pan-European project made possible with the support from: Creative Europe Culture, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ. The current version is kindly supported through LinzAG, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, ARS Electronica, Valletta2018, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ

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