Imagining more parts of an incomplete picture.

We are deeply engaged with the implementation of Turnton Docklands – a next “physical narrative” of Time’s Up, circulating around a possible future, which will be shown in autumn in LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz as featured artist during the ARS Electronica festival. One which plays with a range of alternative solutions that had spent the last decades being ridiculed, as being politically, economically or technically utopic, unimplementable or naïve – solutions which have gained the upper hand in Turnton Docklands.

Without doubt, the image of the docklands and city of Turnton and the surrounding society in this speculative future is incomplete – and that is fine: we are not offering a prognosis, only a proposal. We mix and match concepts and signals that we know about with a playful portion of fabulation and poetic speculation in order to obtain a possibility that we find interesting and worth thinking about. We prefer to look into the preferable and not just the pessimistic probable, to imagine a future worth living in, in spite of all that might befall us, a good life for all. We invite an audience to join us in imagining more parts of the incomplete picture.

Turnton Docklands has been emerging out of a project we started in the context of Changing Weathers, a pan-European project made possible with the support from: Creative Europe Culture, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ. The current version is kindly supported through LinzAG, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, ARS Electronica, Valletta2018, BKA-Kunst, Linz Kultur and Kulturland OÖ

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