A piece of proper Art

Who would have thought that?!? – Time’s Up producing real art! Maybe. In some way.
Oh well, to be honest, we are still miles away from having a profound idea of what is needed to have something called art… but in case an indication of an “limited special edition” helps to declare a piece as art – we are in!

There are 30 hand-crafted, unique “Time’s Up – special edition publications” on their way. Consisting of all sorts of handwritten notes, mindmaps and scribbles collected over the last 20 years mixed with both ancient and current construction and layout plans, as well as posters and newsletters  of all sorts, covering a wide range of Time’s Up approaches and activities. These have been snipped into right dimensions and bookbound in house at our harbourside labs.

Our ambitious “three-act-play” celebrating our 20th anniversary – including a proper Birthday Party (hope you didn’t miss it), a publication (to be published in autumn) and a several month lasting exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Lentos, starting at the Ars Electronica in September just got a fourth act added…. almost ready to be sold ;)

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