An ocean of pictures, hence memories

When we decided not to let our 20th anniversary drift past unnoticed we came up with a plan comprising of three acts. One of them being the production of a publication, covering in  some “incomplete manner” what Time’s Up could be about, what it has been doing and what it is still continuing to do.

Deliberately we decided against a chronologically structured, internal retrospective. We wanted to actually produce printed matter which shall extend our own perspectives on Time’s Up. Through voices and point of views from companions, bystanders, critics and partners.

Many months and arriving grand texts later after this decision has been made we consider it still a great move. We are enjoying anecdotes remembered, memories shared and interpretations of Time’s Up written up.

What we – since we thought writing would be the main and hardest job in the whole “Time’s Up publication business” – totally underestimated is the selection of images printed in that publication.

How shall that be done? How could we ever have considered this to be a job that we would be able to fulfill? There is a myriad of photographs and pretty much every single one tells a story which wants to be listened to or at least triggering a memory which asks to have attention paid to it. We are not talking about promotional / documentary style images here. Nope, these ones are easy  compared to all the “everyday-life” ones.

Just one encounter as an example: Alex Davies, one of our dear long-standing partners from Austrialia trying to get some parts of an installation we co-developed in 2008 out of our storage-container….


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