Meanwhile back at the headquarters..

While parts of the Time’s Up crew has spent time speculating and sketching possible futures of Europe with a grand group of people in Malta as part of our project “Presents of the Future,” another part of the Time’s crew was busy with developing, sketching and implementing an experiential future to be displayed during the Ars Electronica and beyond in the contemporary art Museum Lentos in Linz in autumn.

In the course of the pan-European project Changing Weathers we started drafting possible future scenarios orbiting around current trends and signals emerging in a current challenging and turbulent world.

Extrapolating some of these signals and drivers we see oceanic ecosystem collapse as more or less unavoidable, with follow on effects that would limit transport and trade and make migration normal. In conjunction we imagined a (somewhat utopic, to balance the ecosystem dystopic) social scenario where we, as a society, respond positively. “Change was our only chance” came into our minds rather early as some sort of a slogan in our “scenario-thinking” and simply stayed and stays with us, while we are diving deeper into fragmented details of a fictional story-world allowing a vision in which migrants are accepted as new neighbours and production become local (even though far away from merely being protectionist), transport and trade become fair and clean while enterprises attempt to deal with ecological issues…

Building this world is a challenge, the fragment we are undertaking is already big enough. But the models are looking good and developments are afoot.

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