Yay – FoAM arrived on-site in Malta

With Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney arriving on the island last night, we are getting closer to our third and final act of “futuring” during this current stay in Malta (there is more to come in April and May!)

We took them out for some local food culture. Firstly to the Ta Qali Farmer’s Market, where only local produce may be sold on site. It is ringed by hawkers who sell imported wares directly from their trucks, but the fruit and veges on sale here are infused with Maltese dirt. Before the wind blew up away, we headed off to Villa Bologna where The Veg Box people were harvesting for their regular Tuesday sales.

Manuela Digiorgio and her team from the Veg Box has turned the grounds of the Villa into a productive organic garden in the middle of the city, a wonderful oasis of calm surrounded by the high walls. We then escaped the rain to find a bar with strong tea and birds in cages, then Ftira at a local eatery. Welcome to Malta!

Next stop was Terrone, a local fisher-cook restaurant in the south of the island, where the menu changes with the daily catch and if a fisherman comes in late with new fish, a dish might re-appear on the menu.

Well, and before that we had to accomplish some “wine-tasting” – to make sure to offer appropriate wine for the Futuring Exercise on Thursday.


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