Shooting in the Palace // Special Programmes Programme // Day 2

In a perfectly planned world, we would have sent the scripts to the actors yesterday. But the future is uncertain, as are the creations of them. After the security issues around getting access to the Grand Master’s Palace, it then seemed like the Carneval would be the biggest problem. Afterwards we had some wonderful footage from a great group of actors.

After the sprinted scenario and object prototype creation of the first day, it was time to shoot some video. The groups arrived at the Grand Master’s Palace in the center of Valletta wearing various forms of “Government Chic” to create videos in these timeless surroundings. If a building has been there for a few centuries, it will probably last a few more decades. And so it offers a good basis for the shooting of speculative government programme videos.

Four actors joined us for a series of scenes, working in various forms of citizen and government costuming. Scripts were refined, locations and shot angles decided upon and we hope that the loud carneval outside the walls would stay quiet long enough. We almost got away with it.

Scenes with newsreaders, scientists and everyday people were created, the various rooms of one wing of the palace offering suitable backdrops.

We wrapped up our work, packed it away and snuck out the front door into the maelstrom of the main Carneval stage. Official badges and suits made it seem like we were just a few more tired government employees heading home from a day creating a plausible futures while outside 80s disco remixes and neon coloured  papier-mâché ruled.

“The Special Programmes Programme is part of “PRESENTS OF THE FUTURE”, a project embracing a series of activities in Malta and Gozo, which build upon one another to think out load about possible futures of Europe investigating the unique perspectives of Malta.

Presents of the Future is part of the cultural program of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the support of Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

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