Futuring Overture summary gets ready to be displayed

Just a few more days until the opening of a display summarizing the plethora of voices being shared with us by the Maltese population during the Futuring Overture sessions at the end of last month.


Elisa Unger documented the process, captured a range of interviews and is still in the middle of compiling  a video-summary.

We are happy to have the chance to have it set up in the recently opened Esplora Science Center in Kalkara, Malta.

The public display of the Futuring Overtures will not only cover what was happening, in the shape of a video documentary and as a reproduction of the dozens of sheets of paper  produced, it additionally offers the active involvement of further perspectives from a wider public. Possible through an online preferrencing system, based upon the structure of “All our Ideas“, a research project that seeks to develop a new form of social data collection by combining the best features of quantitative and qualitative methods.

During the Futuring Overture sessions, the participants have collectively decided upon several subjects, encountered and collected during concentrating on a set of questions, such as “How do openness and curiosity help our surrounding?” or “How can mutual respect be lived in everyday life?”, which were investigated in more detail. Aspects, listed below, were looked at in smaller groups in order to discover current trends and factors  influencing the future developments of the subjects.

  • Acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Accessibility to public space and public goods
  • A more artistic Europe/Malta
  • Education encouraging everybodies’ potential
  • Innovation for generally sustainable solutions on all levels
  • Environmental awareness
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Widespread self-realisation
  • Intolerant behaviour
  • Explorative experimentation
  • Violent conflict
  • Passionate creativity
  • Manipulative communication
  • Poverty and elitism
  • Segregation
  • Environmental exploitation

It was interesting to find that, even though each workshop started with the same four questions, the interests of each group diverged such that no overlaps were found, although themes were recurring. From the personal and subjective concerns of self-realisation and anxiety to the societal issues of communication and the environment, it is clear that the concerns of the Maltese, as the concerns of the Europeans, are many and widely diverse.

The factors that emerged from these discussions were once again diverse, with an average of 2-3 dozen factors per subject. We have created a collection of All Our Ideas surveys to explore the evaluation of the importance of these factors, which will be presented in the Esplora display. We look forward to receiving a mass of data about perceived importance, which will then be passed on to the facilitators of the next workshops in February and April next year.

FUTURING OVERTURE is part of “PRESENTS OF THE FUTURE”, a project embracing a series of activities in Malta and Gozo, which build upon one another to think out load about possible futures of Europe investigating the unique perspectives of Malta.

Presents of the Future is part of the cultural program of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the support of Arts Council Malta, and the Valletta 2018 Foundation.


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