Perfect Conditions – Condition Perfect

Besides great familiarity, kind persons we met, fantastic food (not to mention coffee and ice cream at this point), an engaged team displayed incredible professionalism and efforts to support our work. We had a very good time at Palinsesti 2016 in San Vito al Tagliamento. Thank you so much!


We can say as well, that the space at the Castello where we were allowed to install “Mind the Map” was an impressive experience. To talk about in detail would go beyond this scope, but we would rather mention here that we want to thank all the people that got involved in the idea and organisation of an excursion including a Q & A between young students and us near the end of our setup. Hey kids, it takes a lot to talk in front of people, doing this in a foreign language and we still owe you an answer concerning art so let me put it this way: A great artist of our time left the stage last friday. Not without saying goodbye though. So listen if you dare: “A million candles burning for the love that never came” might be an aphorism that could work as a subtitle for our piece as well as the following lines “You want it darker. We kill the flame” might function as possible epilog. But we are interested in your opinions. So feel free to contact us, we would be truly happy if you do so. Meanwhile there is the chance to follow the Italian version of Christine Kollans diary.

PS: finally Angelo and Davide met on one of these days. and reddit, oh yeah!

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