Malta and Gozo – Presents of the Future

“Presents of the Future”– a series of activities being set in Malta and Gozo – in collaboration with the Maltese Presidency and Valletta2018 – European Capital of Culture is about to start!

We just came back from another week spent on that lovely island in the middle of the Mediterranean to get ready for the first series of workshops, concentrating on possible futures for Europe investigating the unique perspectives of Malta. (Just in case some Maltese inhabitants are reading this blog: get some info on how to register for one of the workshops here).

Towards the end of November (19th, 20th, 26th and 27th to be precise) we are inviting everyone living in Malta willing to share and discuss with others questions revolving around the Maltese presidencies given themes such us the mediterranean, maritime, migration, security, a more social Europe and the deepening of single market.

We have been starting to work on engaging questions around the named themes and have had the pleasure of getting great input from a wide range of wonderful and interesting people, energised and ambitious initiatives and organisations last week. All valuable informations  and perspectives collected will help us now preparing the workshops ahead.

We are very much looking forward to go there in November for a longer stretch of time to get involved in Maltas everyday life as well as the hopes, the dreams and concerns of its population.

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