Autumn is about to start

and with it a new Time’s Up season!

Looking forward to première a new physical narrative of ours in Riga, as part of the Changing Weathers project during the Open Fields conference of RIXC. Turnton – a small city on the sea as a possible future in a climate and system changed world.

Also being excited to start a program of events for the Maltese Presidency of the EU in the first half of 2017, based upon possible, alternative and preferred futures –  as part of Presents of the Future. Th first series of workshops – the Futuring Overtures will be undertaken in November this year.

Another great opportunity to show Mind The Map also came up: it will be exhibited in Italy, in  San Vito al Tagliamento during the Palinsesti Contemporary Art Exhibition Festival,

We assume, we won’t get bored! Especially if we consider, that not everything happening in our labs is written on the postcard – activities such as the preparations of our second part (out of three;) of our anniversary… first articles of our publication are underway – yay!

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