Travel without borders – in a system- and climate changed world.


Image a world in which everyone can travel to everywhere, without any troubles. Imagine a world in which all of us are in fact needed to go everywhere, since there is still a lot to do, to change the world into one, we would prefer to live in. we are in the middle of preparing a more “future-like”-brochure here…. 

Travel without Border (TwB) was established in 2020 by an ambitious group of community workers on the island of Lampedusa in order to overcome what was then called the refugee crisis. Over the past 25 years the organisation has grown into a worldwide network with its registered headquarters in Pune, India and globally scattered local offices.

TwB supports and administrates all travellers wanting to learn and share capacities and skills relevant to regeneration and preservation for a world which we ourselves and our heirs will appreciate living in. Travellers willing to gain experience, the only currency that can never be taxed or stolen. It is said we only regret what we do not do. So cast off your lines and make sure you do not regret.

The brochure in hand is the organisation’s quarterly information distribution, delivering an outline of current calls for participation. As there exists a growing need for assistance for countless undertakings we suggest you contact your local TwB office for a complete and current list of opportunities, including special status and other languages.

Note: TwB covers travel and living expenses for the duration of your journey. Families, group travel, wheelchair users and other needs will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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