“Rowing For Europe” Arrival

Perhaps it is a particularly good day for this: as the UK decides to go it alone and we are confronted with noises from the various far rights but also separatists in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, our friends and colleagues from Die Fabrikanten deliver the tool for their border crossing and integrative project Rowing for Europe.


Ihsan and Gerald inspect the vessel after its arrival in Linz.

The tool is a hand made 5m rowing and sailing boat, built from Turkish chestnut wood in a traditional style. The oars are “some kind of fir” according to Ihsan Banabak, who organised the building in Turkey and will be rowing with the born Linzer Gerald Harringer down the Danube, across the Black Sea, through the Bosphorus, past Istanbul, across the Mamaris Sea and to Izmit, Ihsan’s birthtown. Along the way they will be visiting individuals and groups, developing possibilities for cooperation and helping to build bridges, joining two ends of their journeys.


Teamwork to tip it over

In the next few weeks there will be a small series of repairs, preparations and the finishing of a mast and sail for the vessel, to assist their rowing. At the delivery, it was clear that they can work with and inspire a team, so we look forward to this happening the whole way through. We look forward to seeing developments until their departure at the end of July and hearing about the developments via the blog as they journey downstream.

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