fragments of an embodied possible future scenario

Things are getting more and more clear within and for our “physcial narrative contribution” within Changing Weathers.

Latest clarification aspect is a very “hard-fact” one: the venue the fragments of an embodied possible future scenario of a clime- and system changed world will be set up in is determined.

It will be the RIXC gallery space in Riga and the piece will be set up during end of September and beginning of November, together with other results emerging during the pan-European project, being a cooperation between Zavod Projekt Atol – coordinator (SI), Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (SI), Bioart Society Finnland (FI); Hilde Merete Methi (NO), Stichting Sonic Acts (NL), and RIXC Center for New Media Culture (LV).

For us this information means, in a first step, to care about possible layouts. As it is a great gallery space, with a charming patina as well as high ceilings we always dream about we will have to adapt some of our initial ideas. We knew it already – still it just got confirmed again: summer 2016 won’t be a boring summer!

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