The dangers of archives

It is a true shedload of archive-boxes, drawers and shelves filled with all sorts of documentary material piled up over the past twenty years activity. An additionally “complexifying fact” is, that various classification systems have been established over the years, happily living and growing beside each other….

Even though we won’t celebrate our 20th anniversary in a strong retrospective manner, we won’t get out of touching at least some of these “past corners”. We will have to and already started to free some of these boxes, drawers and shelves in question from the gathered dust on them. Unsurprisingly resulting in submerging in a vast and mainly edifying flood of memories.

Single images found, not seen since ages, recall whole chapters and stages of our lives. All sorts of internal notes and sketches, project-descriptions and concepts, some of them being implemented, presented and recognized by public and press, others only elaborated to end up as “another nice idea” introduce a fun insight (far away from a clarifying insight though!) in what intricate network of interests, approaches and aspects have been driving us for so many years and still drive us.

Great news in our “becoming twenty endeavour” is the fact, that we have Gerhard Dirmoser in our midst, being an expert in “trenching archives” and interrelationship diagrams.

He just left our harbourside lab the other day, equipped with an enormous pile of catalogues, project-descriptions, publications and diaries. If not he, then who would be able to make some sense out what we did and do! Together with him we started a first stage of how Time’s Up could be described through primarily attributes.


A first interrealationship diagramm of attributes in connection with our activities made by Gerhard Dirmoser

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