Just another summer for Time’s Up?

not quite…

well, on one hand it certainly is. There are lots of gripping and interesting tasks on our to-do lists, pretty much as usual. Just as you can see on the current postcard.

There is for example the continuation of our current production – phase for a new physical narrative, which gets developed within the pan-European project Changing Weathers. As well as another planned transiency (residency in motion) within that context in July. There is a video-screening planned – one giving an insight Mind the Map – produced by Elisa Unger, a walking concert – conceptualized and curated by Oliver Hangl.

But at the other hand, though, it’s not “just another summer”. For the first time in our “Time’s Up existence” we decided to celebrate a Time’s Up anniversary. Or even more precise – we start to celebrate it, since we consider it a three-part celebration. First part will be on the 27th of August: pretty much exactly 20 years ago we moved into our harbourside labs. And that shall  be commemorated we argue. As well as our first public appearance – but this has its 20th anniversary in 2017…. Stay tuned.


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