Full STEAM Ahead

Last week a message arrived that responded to some work we presented at the Bridges conference in Coimbra, Portugal. The message invited us to present some of our ideas about using physical narratives as part of a strategy for communicating the interest and excitement of STEAM subjects at a miniconference. STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, which fits pretty well with many of our interests.


Krystof Fenyvesi introducing the talk.

We talked about our piece 20 Seconds into the Future, exploring graph theory, theoretical physics, time travel, the role of research, the role of the academy and so much more. It was good to see that such a multichanneled approach to discussions about mathematics and general academia was of interest for the assembled group. With their work often based around playful software such as Geogebra and the exploratory possibilities of 4D Frame, this makes sense.

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