Melliferopolis and Pieter Bruegel’s “The Beekeepers.”

Christina Stadlbauers’ (our current practitioner in residence) motivation for approaching us a while ago, is based in her engagement with a painting done by Pieter Bruegel in the 1560s. The Beekeepers – a strangely atemporal and faceless painting, entwined with a series of interpretations by art historians, has captured her attention. Her intention is to re-enact the painting – transforming it into an embodiment with a strong focus on how the painting could be read today.

In a series of mini-workshops Christina and the Time’s Up crew will sketch and scheme possible haptic embodiments on how that could be done. Before these workshops will be held, we were given a basic introduction into the context of the overall project Melliferopolis (that the current “Bruegel-embodiment” is part of) as well as hearing a selected range of existing interpretations concerning Bruegel’s Beekeepers.

Reading the painting as a harsh critic of the then existing socio-political system, displayed metaphorically via beehives (symbolizing the Catholic church) and beekeepers (symbolizing the inquisition) already triggered, within that short introduction, many possible allegories for the present.

We are looking forward to exciting days of scheming and sketching.

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