One Step Beyond – Step into Futures

In the first six months of 2017, Malta will be taking on the Presidency of the EU. In 2018 Valletta, the capital of Malta will be, together with Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, the Cultural Capital of the European Union. And with any luck (meaning with the skill of writing up a convincing proposal) we will spend some time over in Malta during these years.

They approached us to propose a series of activities looking at Maltese perspectives on and for the EU, with a strong Futuring perspective. And that’s what we did during the last weeks (beside many other activities filling our everyday life): writing up ideas which would see Europe as the substrate for preferred experiential futures.


Alongside our current involvement in sketching and implementing a new physical narrative within Changing Weathers, we are facing all sorts of devastating facts pointing into everything other than preferred futures, similar experiences we collect in our ongoing engagement with current and future developments with migration. Enough!

Visions, ideas, dreams allowing brighter and preferred futures are more than needed. And that’s exactly what we are aiming for to develop – described and offered in our proposal for Malta. We cross our fingers that the decision – makers are going to appreciate that venture!

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