1996-2016 // 1997-2017

Incomplete and cryptic – so the external verdict of our public relation work a while ago – the phrase is used as the working title of a considered publication for an anniversary Time’s Up is facing in a not too far future…. Yes, we are turning 20, somewhen between September 2016 and September 2017, depending on when we start to count: either when we moved into the workspace at the harbourside or when we displayed the first “Time’s Up-work” in public.


Time’s Up – Harbourside Laboratories app. 1997

Naturally, a lot of water will have flowed under the bridge before we finally settle on how such a possible publication could look alike and we certainly will have to decide if we can afford it at all… Nevertheless, some first thoughts on what should and ought be in it, how it could be structured or even how a layout could look alike can’t be forbidden, can it?

First and foremost we agreed upon one very important imperative: however the result might look alike: it must surprise ourselves. We just don’t see ourselves producing a chronological structured, internal retrospective. It is a must for us, that the planned printed matter should rather extend our own perspectives on Time’s Up.

Meaning, we will first of all start with a search for voices, anecdotes, stories, images, points of views – told, sketched and collected from companions, bystanders, critics and partners. Therefore: be aware, there might be an email asking for your anecdotes soon :)

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