Mind The Map Opening in Prague

Last week we had the pleasure to officially open “Mind The Map” at the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague. The exhibition will be displayed until 8th of April.

Es erinnert daran, dass nach dem Fall der Mauer in Berlin, den durchschnittenen Zäunen zwischen Österreich und Ungarn, der samtenen Revolution neue Zäune errichtet werden. Die alte Angst ist als neuer Feind – gegen die Menschlichkeit – zurückgekehrt.

It reminds us that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, after the cut fences between Austria and Hungary, after the Velvet revolution; new fences are being constructed. The old fear has returned, as the new enemy – against humanity.

A comment, given by Renate Milena Findeis, editor of the forum zeitzug.com, after spending time in the exhibition.

Another remark, written in an online-blog (in Czech only) and shared by Martin Fryc, was commented by himself with the following:

“.. So far, the most impressive exhibition – installation – on the theme of the refugee crisis, abstracted into a fictional story!! …”

“Die bisher eindrucksvollste Ausstellung – Installation – zum Thema Flüchtlingskrise, abstrahiert in eine fiktiven Geschichte!! …”

The development and the implementation of Mind the Map has – in all conceivable ways – occupied us for a very long period of time. The European-wide and national-narrowed decisions made in these moments and the ones to come, show very clearly, that the underlaying migration and asylum policies topic of Mind The Map won’t and can’t be left untouched in our future works. Comments such as the listed above, encourage us to keep going, to keep considering and to take a position.

Clearly an evening spent in great company with inspiring talks including everything between transmedia-approaches and socio-political global developments in general as well as Mind the Map in particular, thanks to all involved making Mind The Map and the introduction in Physical Narratives possible: East Doc Platform – Doc Tank, Austrian Cultural Forum PragueThe Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the European Culture Programme of the EU.

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