How To “Physical Narratives” – preps

The invitation through the East Doc Platform to introduce “Physcial Narratives as such” is a wonderful challenge. We have been engaged with such physcial narratives since a while now. Slightly difficult to schedule a precise timestamp on starting with them… In retrospective we suppose, the never realized TwixtVille project was rather likely the trigger for the transition from big-scale interactive media-installations towards these character-based and narrated storyworlds spread in real space. Meaning late 2006 beginning of 2007 could be set as some sort of an origin. Domestic Bliss, implemented together with Alex Davies was the very first example we exhibited. Mixed, augmented, enhanced realities have been buzzwords we used at these times as well as creation of illusion in media arts. A continuous series of works in similar directions followed.

The change to deeply dive into the subject was given through our pan-European project PARN (Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives).  Running from 2011-2013, we have spent quite some time and headspace in considering and defining what we mean as soon as we talk about physical narratives. During these years we have been able to outline related fields, define properties being fulfilled to earn the title physcial narrative, see the challenges we are facing and try to find solution for some of these difficulties.

Since this time we have been mainly busy with implementing what we roughly define as  “experienced driven walk-through stories, explorable by an audience”.Due to the specific invitation mentioned we have the change to evaluate some of our more current works within the scope of the subject. We can look at the pros and cons of single works, can assess what worked out, what shall / should be changes, extended as well as dismissed.

We are looking forward to talk about these insights found during the preparations for the talk on 10th of March in Prague. In the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague, co-organized by the East Doc Platform

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