Points on a Map

For Changing Weathers, we will spend the next three weeks visiting specialists and practitioners involved in a myriad of activities that we will bundle into the Storyworld for the exhibition to be premiered in Riga at RIXC in September this year. We have been in contact with many of them, more will arise in conversation and exploration. Working with people, visits and discussions, serendipity and plain good luck will all help us find interesting and compelling story elements.

At the moment our visits include the following:

Ben, Klaus, Charlotte, Cornelius and the rest of the Timbercoast group, currently in Elsfleth, Germany.

Arjan van der Veen from Tres Hombres and Lucy Gilliam from New Dawn Traders in Workum, Netherlands.

Javier Arístegui at IOCAG in Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

Madadh Maclaine at Fair Winds Trading in Oban, Scotland.

Freya and Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden, co-skippers of Grayhound lugger transporter, Cornwall.

Alex Geldenhuys at New Dawn Traders, Bristol.

Kate Rich, artist dealing with trade, value and other issues, in Bristol.

Gavin Allwright at the Windship Association, Kent.

Eduardo Quevedo Gutiérrez at PLOCAN in Telde, Canary Islands.

We are sure there will be more. No, we know there will be more. One conversation leads to another, attitudes and ideas expand upon one another. We will also visit associated partners and artists, take part in workshops at the Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam, learn some skills at the Bosun’s school, investigate plastics on beaches and harbour bars where ever we go.

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