Time’s Up referenced in the Journal of Future Studies



Peter von Stackelberg at the Data Ecologies Symposium 2014

Peter von Stackelberg (Alfred State College of Technology; USA) and Alex McDowell (University of Southern California, USA) recently published a paper with keywords including: worldbuilding, storytelling, narrative, science fiction, futures studies, information design, sense-making.

Keywords which often have a high relevance in our considerations and approaches to “near future scenarios,”  represented as “Physical Narratives.”

In 2014, during our Data Ecologies symposium, focussing on “language and tools to think out loud about futures,” we had the pleasure of having Peter von Stackelberg as one of the speakers.  Peter also took part in the follow up booksprint which delivered the publication Futurish.

The paper looks at how and why storyworlds can be of help in the field of future studies and their methodologies. It also examines the role of narratives generally and SF (speculative/science fiction) in particular in exploring and communicating about the future.

“What in the World? Storyworlds, Science Fiction, and Futures Studies”; a paper to be recommended and a paper, which references to the work Lucid Peninsula, Time’s Up together with FoAM, M-ITI and AltArt implemented during our pan-European project Future Fabulators.

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