Changing Weathers – scenario shaping starts

Changing Weathers, a pan-European project, Time’s Up has the pleasure being involved in, focuses on the exploration of migration of people, capital, ideas, traditional and local knowledge, scientific knowledge, open source technologies and methodologies.
The project is a set of activities and actions reflecting the status of the changing cultural landscape of Europe, taking into account the shifting geophysical, geopolitical and technological vectors that are shaping it, defining itself as “networked responses to geophysical, geopolitical and technological shifts across Europe”.

CW is initiated by the Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) and coordinated by Zavod Projekt Atol (Slovenia) in partnership with Sonic Acts (The Netherlands), RIXC network for art, science and cultural innovation (Latvia), Finnish Bioart Society (Finland), Curator Hilde Methi within Dark Ecology Project (Norway) and Ljudmila Art And Science Laboratory (Slovenia).

Within the last few days we started to shape and condense our initial framework of ideas and subjects – strongly connected to mobility of people and goods towards, alternative, already existing or yet to come methods of transport of all sorts of traded commodities. The mobility of goods – a substantial subject in the realm of geopolitical settings of our western world – shall be the center of our investigations within Changing Weathers, shall be the content inspiring our transiencies (nomadic residencies) and shall be the subject informing near-future scenario being developed as a result of our research and the transiencies.

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