Randzonen – new grant application, new luck

Randzonen – (German, plural)

The zone at the edge of a particular area. The part of an area maximally distant from the center. The mixed zone between elements of a system. The productive region between two ecosystems.

The peripheries, the crossover points, the interstices and edge habitats, the places where mixing happens, where niches arise and are populated, where developments happen faster than normal and where the novel first hits our shores. These are places where the silo mentality of highly organised centres breaks down, where experiments are tolerated, normal and even necessary.


4.41AM – who would have thought, that such a simple message can make us as happy as it did!

Yes, it was tight in terms of time. Yes it was done while we have been producing and exhibiting Mind The Map, finalising Future Fabulators as well as displaying Lucid Peninsula and Unattended Luggage.

Despite all these tasks on our “to-do-lists” we managed to find the time to develop and line out a next, a new pan-European project – very clearly a follow up on Future Fabulators. Together with partners we have lots of great experiences with, like FoAM and Madeira Interactive Technology Institute and one new partner: Superflux.

The only thing left to do now is having a proper drink and crossing our fingers. Till the end of February next year, we gotta sit tight and wait, to find out wether we will have the pleasure to continue working with our partners on an official level (meaning with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union).

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