paraflows x. festival // Unattended Luggage

Only a few of us had the pleasure to attend the paraflow x. festival opening yesterday evening.  All others will go there after we have premiered Mind The Map in Nantes on the 15th of September.

The 10th anniversary of the festival  addresses the highly charged subject of migration. Digital Migration is the chosen subtitle of the festival, offering a very rich and interesting program. A symposium will be held, as well as there are theatre productions, some series of concerts and an exhibition, shown in the Künstlerhaus.

We are honored to celebrate the Austrian premiere of Unattended Luggage during the festival.  Unattended Luggage was built in 2012 and revolves around the subjects of immigration and emigration between Austria and the United States. It tells the story of four generations of a family where the great-grandparents fled persecution in Nazi Germany and the hunger of Oklahoma, respectively. As a historical fiction, this piece can bring together many stories into one. Each fragment is true and the combination of them can be, in some sense, more true than any single true story could be.

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