“Futurish: Thinking Out Loud About Futures” publication in the house

Okay okay, it is in the house since days, precisely since the 25th of June. We just have been too busy with all sorts of wonderful celebrations for Future Fabulators (and some eurocracy “normal” at the end of such pan-European projects) with our even more wonderful partners MITI, FoAM and AltArt.

Futurish 0.99 is one amongst other remaining “products” of Future Fabulators. It got written right after the Data Ecologies Symposium in 2014, which was dealing with and examining how to “Think out loud about Futures”.

It was a group of symposium-participants and some others who tried to collect and summarise, in a small villa near Attersee, their thoughts on the theme into a single publication, within a four-day booksprint. Impressions on that days have been described by Alkan Chipperfield in an article (look it up here) or mentioned in our own Loose Diary. Trevor Haldenby also comments on these days (slightly differently:) as you can see here.

In case you are interested in downloading a PDF version of the publication: go ahead:  Futurish: Thinking Out Loud About Futures (PDF Download Available). If you want to have a soft-cover printed version: we have a few left overs. contact us via info (at) timesup (.) org

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