Mind The Map – our challenge

It’s so great seeing Mind The Map, after a long time being predominantly conceptual and theoretical, finally becoming something real, becoming haptic and tangible.

Content-wise it has kept (and still keeps) us occupied for almost two years. The basic threads of the underlying story of the physical narrative have been initially written in late summer 2013. From that moment on our work has entailed lots of energy-sapping and sad moments. Researching the current European migration and asylum policies doesn’t impress with moments making someone (or at least not us) cheerful.

Piece by piece, based upon facts entangled with fictionalized aspects, Mind The Map has grown. Many threads have been discarded, some of them brought back into the network of ideas again, some started to sprawl, while others faded or are still waiting to be integrated.  Facts have been researched, figures and data scanned, real incidents and occurrences read about, parties concerned listened to.

“Mind the Map” is and was challenging us from the very first moment we started to work with the basic topic of European migration. On all sorts of levels. We are running through a rollercoaster of emotions. Everything from speechlessness, deep mourning and endless fury, through to moments of deep respect for courageous actions taken by individuals and human rights group has been lived through. Migration is obviously a very complicated, prejudiced, multi-faceted and interdependent subject.

We are aware, that a single Physical Narrative, with an imaginary storyline, won’t cover the high complexity of it; how could it? But still, with implementing a first version of it, we start to sharpen our own position, consider and show divergent approaches and try to make up minds, or at least dare to scratch on surfaces and peek behind our own preformed but ever more informed opinions.

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