We keep minding the map

Image by Gavin Schaefer CC BY 2.0

Even though “Possible Futures of Migration” has taken a fair amount of our attention during the past days (and still does while summarizing it), the implementation of “Mind The Map” has been far away from being on hold. Even there is still a while to go till it will be premièred in September at LLU in Nantes, France, there is as well a fair bit to be developed and produced.

One, amongst other wonderful benefits of production-times is the increase in people working in the Time’s Up Labs. A stimulating stir impregnates the atmosphere. Corners, tables and even rooms, slightly deserted in Everyday – Time’s Up life are taken and played on.

“Hardfacts”, meaning all “physical props” displayed during the exhibition, are busy constructed in all workspaces Time’s Up offers. The bilge, representing our protagonists sailing ship is pretty much done. The sail connected to it, almost ready to be hoisted and the boat’s steering wheel equipped with a radar.

Another “story-element” – pointing towards the representation of detention (our protagonist as well as the dozen asylum-seeking humans she rescues are awaiting) is sketched, materials like razor- and barbed wires are on their way – ready to be assembled shortly.

A final scenography for the layout in Nantes is sketched and partly modelled as the radio electronics are getting adapted for our purposes, while in another corner of our labs the communication to be played on this very radio is being cut, fictionalized TV News flashes are edited and online orders for missing equipment are posted.

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