Possible Futures of Migration – a first review – far away from being documental.

Before we dive into some “proper” documentation und publication of the Future Scenario Session about “Possible Futures of Migration” yesterday we feel like typing up a more “emotional” summary. Just a few first lines on how it felt running and being part of that session.

What we felt when we left Kunstraum Goethestrasse, where the session took place, could be best summarized as “satisfying exhaustion”. It was a real pleasure facilitating this outstanding group of people, all being highly concentrated and “on the topic” through the whole process, taking almost 10 hours! (yes, we were running late… ).

All participants involved themselves, contributing with open minds and sharing their expertise without a whiff of hesitation. We had the pleasure to experience an inspiring, informative, merry day!

The emerging scenarios, based upon the question on how migrants currently living in Linz will influence the city in 2035, turned out to be rich in detail. The levels of accessibility of education (from exclusive to utterly open) and the future evolvement of Europe (either fall into ruin or coalesce into a single state) have been chosen as critical uncertainties, leading into four divergent scenarios, represented as either on- or off-line newspapers.

Possible Futures Of Migration

Four imagined possible futures, waiting to be summarized and documented in detail, to be distributed. We are on it! Especially since we are ourselves keen to recall yesterday’s progress and results.

For all those, who didn’t read our post a few days ago – all this wouldn’t have been possible without our partners within “Future Fabulators“, especially Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney from FoAM.

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