Getting ready to fabulate possible futures

We are in the middle of our final preparation of the Scenario-Planning Session on Possible Futures of Migration. Coming Wednesday will be the day.

It has been a simple pleasure to refer to and use the knowledge and expertise of one of our experienced partners in future design techniques within Future Fabulators – namely FoAM. They have spent hours, days, months, years researching oceans of existing knowledge, collating information, gaining experience through practice to enhance exiting methods into distinct techniques.

What they do right now is to compile all their insights and experience, knowledge and wisdom, into a handy fact book, a so-called “Futurists’ Field Guide.” A pocket-sized guide-book enabling an interested public to become an amateur futurist.
Even though the version we where looking at and learning from in is a draft, we have already benefited highly from their writings. The chance of knocking on their digital doors with a list of additional questions allowed us to eventually really look forward to the Scenario Session coming Wednesday.

Promise: as soon as there is a final version of the “Futurists’ Field Guide” online, what will happen before the end of  Future Fabulators in June, we will let everybody out there know about that true diamond for everyone interested in “mapping a present for toying with the ideas of possible horizons”.

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