Yet it floats!!!

All those visitors at the Time’s Up labs over the last few years will miss one rather familiar “bit” in front of our entrance when coming by the next time. A “bit” with the negligible weight of 10 000 kg. You might remember, it was orange; okay, true, in the beginning it was mint green, but the last few years – orange, it was, the structure that dominated our doorway.  Orange tubes. Two of them. Connected to each other, by a wooden structure on top. A sprawling platform, single pieces of wood, skilfully held together with elaborated knots.

Yep – exactly, we talk about Markus Luger’s catamaran.

Even though it is a real pity not having it sitting anymore where it used to be, the mere pleasure of seeing the catamaran afloat neutralizes  all these “entrance-loss-sadness” emotions, and even more joyful it was to see the constructor himself jumping on his “work” the very first time it was floating.

Lifted and moved and pivoted and eventually launched in a fraction of the time it took to come into existence. A “piece” standing for an ocean of all these longings many of us know.

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