Busy with all sorts of implementation-details of Mind The Map

Seeing our months-long research and considerations about stories, perceptions, memories and futures of migration attitudes and policies taking shape fulfills us with satisfaction on one side, even though it opens up another significant volume of questions at the other side …

Aspects of the story-line, being presented as an explorable narrative spread out in a room, such as the rescue of a handful people on the high sea, obviously making their way to Europe are cast in a physical representation of an indicated sailing boat. Another fragment, the detention of all refugees rescued, as well as the interrogation of the rescuer, explorable as a hinted prison cell is constructed. A car accident, playing a prominent role for our main-character, since killing parts of her family, and pushing her into a position along which she needs to decide, whether or not continuing interacting with a world being involved in emphasizing borders and differences. All sorts of “soft-facts” as the visual and acoustic augmentation get designed as well as our protagonists battles with the ensuing challenges and decisions are sketched towards its representations.

As we plan a public experiment towards the end of June, it seems as if we won’t get bored over the next weeks!

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