Possible Futures of Migration – in progress


“I haven’t been everywhere – but its on my list”. A citation, attributed to Susan Sontag, might raise someone’s appetite to travel. To some others it might, with a hint of disconcertedness, bring to mind, that such a quote more likely can be fancied by someone not having to consider the basic means and rights to go for such a longing.

Our current occupation with “Mind The Map“, concentrating on the lethal effects of contemporary European asylum- and migration policy, in particular in the Mediterranean Basin, naturally raised our interests and concerns towards a more global migration management. A complex and highly emotionally discussed topic which is and even more will be a pivotal political, socio-economic, socio-cultural challenge for our futures to come.

To sketch and envision how such possible futures of migration – depending on how it will be managed, integrated, embraced or hindered – could look alike, we are in the middle of planning and organizing a series of scenario workshops with the voices of experts, activists, people effected and interested.

The first edition of it will take place in May in Linz. More to come soon, as well as for these mastering German: some thoughts regarding our approach.

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